About Us

"Every blog has a story behind it."

And I suppose that since you clicked on this tab, you are interested in the story behind this one.

Well, it's probably puzzling to all of you readers out there as to why a group of 3rd year medical students in Malaysia created a blog focusing on adolescent issues.  We are a group of medical students who have just finished our 2nd year examinations and selected the humanities course in medicine.  Being in this 3 week course, we were tasked to create a blog aimed at the teenage population of 13-19.  However, going into this project we knew that creating a blog would mean essentially leaving our footprints in cyberspace and that means it could also become much more than just a project assignment.

So, we brainstormed and after realizing that there are virtually no blogs addressing teenage issues by teenagers; we figured we would take this concept and expand on it.  Of course, we realized that we are no longer teenagers but being in the age range of 20-22, we figured that our teenage years weren't so far behind that we would forget how to relate to them.  It's a phase we all go through and being that we have gone through them, we feel we can share some of the things we learned (sometimes through difficult ways) so that it might be helpful for those who read them.  All the stories and photos are a composite of both other people's works as well as some being original.  So for those photos that are original, we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them.  :-)

After toiling for one week, the product was the blog that you find yourself reading now. Being medical students, we know that we have schedules which are way to hectic to be able to consistently maintain the blog; so we decided to make this blog in a way that would be relevant now and hopefully many years down the line.  It's also our hope that it does at least touch and help one teenager out there, it would indeed be totally worth all the effort.  And who knows, this may be the first blog for teens by "teens" - but here's hoping it won't be the last one.